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Part number 12-77
Redline Manifold for Holden 6 Cyl 12 Port Head
Redline have produced a new manifold to suit the Holden 6cyl Blue and Black Motors. The manifold has been designed specifically to suit the 12 port head, with individual ports to help direct the air fuel mixture into each port evenly. The carby mounting pad is designed to take a 4 barrel in either spreadbore or squarebore pattern. more details >


Part number 12-3013
Improved Austin Healey 6cyl Weber Manifold

Redline has re-tooled its triple DCOE Weber manifold to suit the Austin Healey 6cyl. The angle of the carburettors has been improved to an ideal of between 4 and 5 degrees. The short runner design provides an easy fit with little modification required.

There is nothing like the sound and power of triple Weber carburettors on this classic 6cyl engine. With the retooling comes a change in cost of the manifold effective immediately. Part Number 12-3013 Austin Healy 3000 6cyl Sports Car manifold to suit triple DCOE Webers. more details >


Part numbers 14-807 and 14-808
Aluminium Billet Fuel Filters
Available now are these anodised fuel filters designed to accept a #6 Speedflow fitting. They can be unscrewed, cleaned, and reused. They feature a stainless steel filter element that filters up to 75 microns, making them suitable for carburetion and EFI.

They are available in both Purple and Silver anodised colours Part Number 14-807 Silver Anodised reusable fuel filter with #6 AN fittings Part Number 14-808 Purple Anodised reusable fuel filter with #6 AN fittings. more details >