• Redline Marine Gauges
    Redline Marine gauges are built to withstand one of the
    harshest enviroments that can be asked of any gauge.
    Redline Marine gauges features:
    Oil filled workings to eliminate needle bounce
    Dome (convex) glass for wider viewing angle,
       treated with anti fog solution and are tested to
       OEM Marine Standards of -32C without fogging.
    Bezels are manufactured from brass, and coloured white.
    Cases are made from glass fiber & polyester.
  • Redline Race Gauges

    Redline Race Gauges are manfactured from the finest
    materials by a quality assured company to OEM standards.
    Accuracy is guaranteed
    Backlit lighting with bright orange fluorescent
       pointers gives a clear reading for night driving.
    2 5/8in diameter gauges are suitable for in dash
       or pod mounting.
    Silver face, easy to read markings,
       attractive brushed silver bezel.