AirForce1 Hi-Flow top

Redline AirForce1 Hi-Flow filter top.

Redline AirForce1 Hi-Flow top for radically increased airflow.

How do you increase your filters intake area without using a larger filter element? Easy, just change the lid of your sports filter to the Redline Airforce1 Hi-Flow top.

The Hi-Flow top has a 4 layer cotton filter element built in to radically increase the filter area on your sports filter. The Hi-Flow filter top is available in two sizes, 14 inch diameter and 9 inch diameter. The outer ring comes in two finishes, either black or chrome.

Redline AirForce1 air filters allow increased air flow for peak engine performance. The secret is in the 4 layer cotton gauze design. This not only gives you improved performance it also makes the filter re-usable. Simply clean and re-oil the filter at your vehicles regular service interval using the Redline air filter service kit (Part number 21-155).