Keep your Cool with Flex-a-Chill

Flex-a-Chill Super Coolant

Flex-a-Chill Super Coolant

Lower your engines temperature by up to 6.5°C (20°F)!

One 354ml (12oz) bottle of Flex-a-Chill (Part # F50016) is ideal for 11-15L of water in your car’s cooling system and is compatible with all types of anti-freeze (you should use a minimum of 20% antifreeze in street conditions where freezing may occur).
Simply add one bottle of Flex-a-lite Flex-a-Chill to your water filled cooling system through radiator or reservoir bottle to give you:

  • Lower engine temperatures by up to 6.5°C (20°F
  • Provides 100% corrosion protection with straight water
  • Improves coolant contact with radiator fins
  • Improves the engine’s ability to transfer heat to the coolant
  • Increase water flow for quicker cooling through the radiator core
  • Prevents corrosion, scale and blockages
  • Race Track surface approved

Flex-a-Chill can also be used in race applications by using two 354ml (12oz) bottles of Flex-a-Chill to 11-15L of water.